Inspired inaction

"You cannot plough a field by 

             turning it over in your mind."

 I am in a dilemma, stuck between two art disciplines and as a result, my art making is frozen in place. I have ideas swirling in my head that are struggling to come out. They are contrary to my usual mode of working, so they sit there, impatient to arrive but imprisoned by my lack of action. It is so easy to continue to stay stuck whenever you are trying to embrace a new way of working that chafes at your comfort zone and forces a new direction. I could sit here in inaction, fearful that my new direction will be a poor route and that I may get lost on the way. I could forget about the new and continue stolidly along the path of what I've always done. Or I could boldly hit the ground running, embrace the new in excitement that good things come by way of experimentation, inventiveness and the willingness to forge my way through unknown territories.  Ok, let's get moving already!

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