It's Raining Cats & Dogs, but mostly Dogs

My gallery, Around the Corner Art Gallery, in Montrose Colorado is hosting a fun challenge for the artist members to create small paintings for their upcoming show: "Its raining cats & dogs". I'm looking forward to charging into bright and whimsical paintings based on my jack russells now and also our loveable passed away black lab/newfoundland mix and our border collie who we also said goodbye to last year. Look here for upcoming pictures as I progress to the final creations.


Finished this little 9x12 oil painting last weekend. It was a struggle. Some paintings come together magically then some are labors of not so much love. They often go through ugly duckling stages where if you are patient and tenacious enough, they will often, not always resolve themselves into a finished painting.



First experience at this blogging thing. Herein I hope to verbalize the reasons and methods of my approach to oil painting, share my recent painting explorations and struggles. The aim will be to both enlighten readers as well as further develop my understanding of why I do what I do!