Striations in Blue & Gold

This painting may be a finished one. Been staring at it & tweaking it. This scene was captured as we were riding the motorcycle between Gunnison & Crested Butte. What an incredible day it was with cloud filled majestic views as we skirted between the thunderstorms getting only a sprinkle along our journey.

As on this painting, I start out by laying on a quick ground of an orange or alizirin crimson wash. Then I sketch in the composition developing a monochromatic tonal layer that helps me define the darks, lights and hopefully lays the foundation for a dynamic composition. Once that foundation is laid, in the same painting session, I begin to layer on heavier paint and build in blocks of color. It is an intuitive process for me. I don't get analytical about it until the painting is nearly finished and I am adding the final touches.

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